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HELLO! We welcome you to our website, feel at home and take a ride on the pages we built for you, you who love cats like us.

In our cattery, cats are raised with love and passion to enable people who are allergic to enjoy the company of these wonderful animals.... and why not, to please those who have known siberian cats and now they can not do without it.

If you want to visit us, we will be happy to meet you and show around the farm, where you will find all of our cats.

We are available DAILY both during the week and on weekends, just give us a call a couple of days before to fix an appointment and to explain how to reach us.

We are in Italy, near PARMA, more precisely in Albareto, a country that is close to Borgo Val di Taro, on the border between Liguria and Tuscany. For more information read the page "Where we are".

To contact us immediately call +393397058270

If you prefer to send us an email write to info@siberianidilady.it , you can make general inquiries or explain your needs, send us advice on the issues of the website, report errors in it, suggest new topics or simply ask for the availability of puppies.

Our siberian cats are tested with a negative result of FIV and FELV


Our Pedigree are certified in these associations


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Why chose the siberian cat?We like all cats, especially those that can be saved from shelters or from the street. The problem is the allergy, the only thing that has led us to raise this breed. We did it to help those who are allergic but would like to be able to live with a cat.

their character

siberian cat ipoallergenico

Here's the mother of his baby Fox

about us

Although each cat is unique in character, I will try to explain how is the behaviour of a Siberian cat, or rather that of mine. I collect here some of the testimonials of those who took a puppy from me and often call me or write to me to tell how his "baby" has changed their life. Siberian cats are cats suitable for both elderly people living alone, and for families with children because due to their sensitivity they did not react badly to the care of a child and are perfect to fill the quiet day of an elderly person. I quote the mail of a dear friend who took a puppy for her mother who lives alone "sometimes comes close to my mom on the sofa, crying, then my mother beats on the legs and he jumps in his arms, puts her head under his arm and stays there for a while to be pampered. "

siberian cat ipoallergenico

Maty and newcomer

I could hardly believe the beauty of the photos of this baby with the big cat next to her ... Maty is a puppy from our first litter A, which now has grown so much and his owners tell me the good news ... "For three months we have had a new entry our daughter! Luckily Maty is not jealous but ... when the child does not sleep he nights with us back and forth waiting for her to fall asleep and then goes to bed he too ... is too much fun!"

Another witness also related to allergies "The kitten is now part of the family, of which we could not do without. I've never had asthma attacks and therefore from every point of view it went well." Another customer wrote to me "he is here in my arms as I write and I think she wants to say hello and tell you that's fine. Since his arrival has become increasingly friendly to become a kitten so affectionate. Did not have problems of any kind, has grown a lot and I have carefully followed the diet that you had recommended me. ".



siberian cat ipoallergenico

Lilith and Nicolas on Christmas

It happened that one of our customer after taking two Siberians from another breeding, turned to us to take a puppy. The reason was that she wanted to be able to keep a cat in her arms, the two that she already had did not let themselves to be taken. I thought it was very strange and willingly gave her a puppy explaining that all would be well with her two females and that he was very affectionate. Some time later she explained to me that the puppy was not only sweet, but just arrived was good and sweet with its two females that blew, he was accepted and made them calm and sweet! Needless to say, she was happy.


siberian cats love water

siberian cat ipoallergenico

Mickey drinking from the tap

One of the strangest things is the love of the Siberian for the water ... some people report that their cat asks him to drink from the tap, a lady told me that her cat (a son of Anima and Simon) jumps in the bath with her, others say that the cat after eating rinses their paws moistening them in the water bowl. They have an extremely sociable behaviour if well bred, they follow you in the house to be with you, if you allow they sleep in your bed, will greet you when you get back from work doing some faint hum of happiness. It is not a cat that meows loudly or insistently, he makes several soft vocals to show his state of mind. If it is used to make many different experiences and to go out with you, you can enjoy to engage the cat in all your activities, just put a bib and will follow you everywhere. The Siberian cat is very sensitive to moods, he will notice if you're sad or if you want to play. Will be discreet if you're down in the dumps and he will stand beside you without seeming intrusive.


siberian cat ipoallergenico

Simon on our terrace, protected from the network


precautions to be taken

siberian cats, with a few rare exceptions, are not afraid of heights, it often happens that they fall from terraces because maybe they were chasing a butterfly or a bird. I will not tire enough to say this, anyone who takes an animal, whatever it may be, is responsible for what happens to them. If you take a cat, purebred or not, you can not hope to watch it walk on the balcony railing and hoping that it always goes well, as you can not set him free in the garden thinking that sooner or later come back and that he not ever likely to be invested by a car.

FAQ - faq

  • I've always had cats, but I've never had a siberian cat. What needs do they have? What environment do they need?

Thus, we say that a lot depends on the character of the cat .. obviously not despise a beautiful garden, as well as he love live a home life close to his human.
There is no difference between the needs of a stray cat and those of siberian cats, the stray was born outside and no longer able to keep him at home. The purebred cat is born in the house and he is happy to stay warm with the owner.
If I kept my Siberian cats outside, they would become small tigers, certainly not affectionate as they are now. My job is just to make the siberian cats related to humans, to make sure that they see us as other cats. The cat that lives in the house, makes of his home his territory, of the games their prey, of the owner their own herd.
So once you adopt a puppy of siberian cat you will need to note their preferences, there are cats who have no interest to go out in the garden, others who love it. You have to exit with them the first few times, perhaps with a bib to understand how to react if they are afraid or they tend to run away, then you will set below ...
I can not guarantee that the Siberian cat is remotely controlled from a distance and go home on request. Just as you can not know if meeting cats in the garden does not hurt fighting, or chasing a bird to be lost forever. The incidents exist of course.
The most banal speech that you can do is "I paid a cat that particular amount and not let him go outside to prevent loss or to avoid the risk that someone will steal him"
To me it makes no difference if it is a European cat that I rescued from the shelter, or a siberian cat, you should always safeguard his health and well-being. This does not necessarily mean that it should run free in the woods, or do not understand what authorizes me to say that it is mine ..
The speech is complicated and everyone decides what to do, and what willing to do for his animal, I have changed my lifestyle and habits to meet their.
What is better, give freedom and maybe realize that a bite from another cat has been infected with the feline leukemia or AIDS, or keep it closed to spare dangers?
To overcome some incidents there are very nice solutions, such as "cat run", which in my opinion are the best compromise. some examples I found on the internet, as these sites


  • Let me know if siberian cats have special dietary needs and require veterinary assistance other than that which usually follow the common cats

Concerning the veterinary care, they are very related to the type of feeding. By itself Siberian cats are very robust and healthy, but like all animals matters a lot what they eat.
We give a natural feeding, vegetables, raw meat and entrails. It's called BARF clickhereto know its foundamentals.
Obviously the siberian cat eats everything, if you want to give croquettes choose organic and natural. I want to clarify that this applies to all pets and nothing to do with the fact that they are siberian cats. My 5 dogs, eat BARF and reactions to changes in feeding are always identical.

  • My vet told me that can not put the microchip that you have given me and he want to put one of his own, that what he says is the only one that counts as registration.

Attention to these claims! The microchip is used to uniquely identify your siberian cat and especially to tie him to his pedigree, a bit like going with a human identity document . In the event that the vet (as it has already happened) throw away the chip sent by the association that generates the pedigree and insert another chip, the pedigree loses its value since the cat could easily be a "stray" because the link to his pedigree no longer exists.

  • My vet told me to give him croquettes, because according to him the feeding given by your cattery is not good. What should I do?

As regards the food I am opposed to the dry food, in my breeding I adopt the barf diet, which is all fresh raw meat offal, eggs, vegetables etc. .. You can find a detailed explanationhere 
Unfortunately canned and dry food contains many of those waste you can not even imagine, dead animals, dried pus, tumors ... Since I discovered it I no longer wanted to give them that stuff and also I now save a lot of money..

  • As regards grooming, what should I do? siberian cats require special care?

As regards the treatment of the hair, just brush a little more frequently when there is moulting twice a year, and whenever you want to of course, for the rest they have a coat that maintains itself.

  • What is the difference between male and female?

Often my clients ask me a female thinking that between the two is the sweetest, but they do not know that, at least as far as I know in the Siberian cat, the opposite is true .. The more sticky and sweet cats I've ever had have all been Males, the females are much more independent and astute ..

Obviously it depends on what one wants from a cat .. having two is ideal, you establish a fraternal relationship and the two became very close.

  • I'm allergic to cat hair, what does it say that Siberian cats are hypoallergenic?

siberian cats saliva contain a very low amount of the protein responsible for allergies, the term allergy "to fur" cat is approximate, it is actually the saliva deposited by the cat on her hair which then disperses into the air as dust, inhaled creates allergy in people sensitive to it. To learn more click here.

  • I do not need the pedigree, because I want the puppy only as a pet..

The question of pedigree is not a habit, it is simply the most effective and safe way to learn about the genealogy of a cat and the purity of the breed. It would not make sense to ask a lot of money more or less just for the pedigree as an average to a breeder costs less than 40 euro to apply for an association (as in our association in which costs about 20 euro each pedigree). So have the pedigree or not does not make a difference on the cost of puppy you should always demand it rather as a guarantee of seriousness as the quality of the breeder and breed selection. Especially in the case of the Siberian cat, that if well selected, is the only one who does not give allergy to most people.

  • Why take a siberian cat, and why does it cost so much?

I know that the cost of a Siberian cat is very high, I have never shared the idea to buy animals when you can save from kennels or catteries, however, the question is tricky and time consuming. It always depends on case and the use one has to do with a dog or a cat ..
By a stray you never know what will come as a character could be risky especially if you have a child or an elderly person.
The breeds have been selected to have a well-defined character and abilities. Pedigreed cats as well as dogs, have rather high prices due to the fact that the breeding costs a lot and who buys them needs to have certain definite characteristics. The price I pay for a puppy for breeding are very high. The only important thing is not to take cats in shops or in farms suspected, perhaps of animals from the East. There are several good breeding of Siberian cats, each makes a price depending on how many cats has to be maintained (fixed in breeding) for how many years it does the breeder, what kind of feeding administered to cats etc, etc. .. things that make the difference. It 's the beauty of the free market.

  • What does it mean Neva Masquerade?

The Neva Masquerade is just a variation of color have blue eyes and the Himalayan coat blue, seal, or red. They can also be tabby (ie, streaks).It's not easy because then there is the variant with the white "gloves" , or what they call "& White" ie "with white."

So in the end it is only color, with respect to the standard, but it is always a siberian cat. In fact you can cross neva with "not neva" (a standard color) without problems.

  • I want a puppy, and not a cat 5 or 6 months, it is too big ..

Many think that the fact that it is overgrown is a pity, it is actually an advantage because the character is already formed, he was a lot more with his mother and brothers and matured better.

  • What is the siberian cat's character?

Siberian cats do not born with a docile and affectionately character, they should be closely monitored from birth and that takes time: nights in white, nursing and bottle feeding, subcutaneous infusion if there are problems, various medicines, constant veterinary visits, specific feed (in our case, all raw, fresh meat vegetables ..) etc.. thing that matters to us is to educate the puppy properly, perfecting the character, so that it is as balanced as possible and compatible with both children with the elderly.

From the first moment after birth, together with their mother, the baby siberian cat have the opportunity to see the human, considering it for the rest of his life a faithful companion, like other cats.

Socialization is important, both between brothers and with other animalsin fact the puppy is not sold before the 75 days just to allow a full psychological growth. Also in the house comes into contact, once a little older with our three dogs and our parrot Cleo. They are all stimuli that help the puppy to be very open to experience and do not fear the new, loud noises, guests arriving at home, the storms, the vet from which they are taken very often for checks and vaccines, etc. etc. ... they are cats who love the pampering but are not intrusive, does not meow much and do not ever tend to react in a wild way scratching or biting.